Friday, February 25, 2011

what would U do if U are an illegitimate child? =(

actually, I used this post as my story telling practise in class this tomorrow morning. I got this issue when I was reading a newspaper last night. I was thinking how it will be if I am one of the people who had that title? is it weird to hear that? or is it something that can be popular with it? which one? can U, the readers told me? ~ I will let U to feel free to give your opinions~

why do people kill that innocent babies?? what they had done to you?? are they going to kill you? are they going to kick you out from your home? are they going to punch you if you angry with them? they also do not know how this world it will be when they are adult but they still have their own feelings to live a life right? so, how dare U ? kill that cute babies? dumped they into the plastic bags? o into the toilet's bowl? ~really insanity and also unsound mind these people are actually!!!!!~

if they can talk to their parents about why do both of you dumped me? is it my fault? do you not want your child to get the best in their examinations?and when they have your answer, they will say this loudly and clearly that I hate you mom! I hate you dad! I hate both of you all my entire life!! huh~ I still a baby. how come you kill me. burnt me alive. dig me alive. U really such a cruel man. even, animals do not do that with their family members!! see. this tell you that you are really bad and insanity as the animals and you are in characterized in all criteria!!

remember.. what will do in this world will be paid in return in Hereafter ok??! so. let all of you think deeply about it!!! thanx... :) for you to read this post!!! =) <3 =) <3 =) 

p/s: if you want to do something bad please cover line!!!!! 
really and you must to have and need it right???!! =)


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